Inclusive financial instruments via DeFi

Impossible Finance uses decentralised financial protocols to give everyone the same access to financial products, which were previously only available to institutions and select individuals

DeFi made impossibly easy

Here’s how it works


Bye bye complicated interfaces. You have token A and want B? Select, click, confirm, that’s it.

Add Liquidity

Earn fees by adding say tokens A and B. Anyone who swaps between them pays you a fee.*

Stake to get Rewards

Show proof of liquidity (staking) to supercharge earnings in the form of IF token rewards.

We understand what it takes

Here’s what you can expect from Impossible


We understand that safety is paramount. From layered security systems to multiple audits, we take all possible steps to earn your trust.


We want you to be able to execute orders anytime effortlessly with minimum slippage. This means us building out the deepest liquidity pools.


Impossible employs best-in-class tech stacks and smart routing to ensure that you spend the least amount of waiting time.

Low Fees

Inclusivity means accessibility, and that means low economic barriers aka low fees. By using efficient smart contracts, we make this happen!

Our Vision

Level the playing field
by building a fair, more accessible open financial system for all.

We're building the Impossible

Here's what we planned for our roadmap

April 2021
DeFi Swap Stack

The foundation from which all other Impossible products and liquidity will be built upon. The swap, liquidity and staking modules are industry-proven products that align with what we want to do. Users can expect a variety of staking pools and rewards as we continue to improve liquidity.

Q2 2021
Self-Sustaining Initial DeFi
Offering (ssIDO)

This is where our ideas branch off from most DeFi projects. By having sale conditions, token distribution and funds raised governed by smart contracts, we will be bringing unprecedented levels of transparency, immutability and trust to project fundraising. Also by inviting projects to perform treasury management by staking with us, they will be operating on a "raise once, build forever" model. This allows them to plug into our retail liquidity ecosystem, providing bilateral synergies to users and projects.

2021 to 2022
True Interoperability

This is the stuff of dreams that skeptics would call impossible. We realize that interoperability has remained largely a buzzword due to the constantly evolving landscape, community consensus and tech stack maturity. However, we believe the time is ripe. This is something close to our hearts, as the only way to build a more accessible future is to be all inclusive. We look forward to bringing to our users cross-asset/chain/wallet swaps, liquidity and staking.

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