Reimagining Decentralized Finance

Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform which offers a robust product-first ecosystem that supports top-tier blockchain projects to targeted user audiences.

Impossible is redefining the Launchpad experience

Here’s how we’re making it better

Curated Projects

Get access to top projects’ IDOs across many sectors such as DeFi, DEXes, NFTs, and infrastructure via our Impossible Launchpad.


No more jumping through endless hoops to get tiny allocations. We believe in a fair sale and equal rights for all users, big or small

Seamless Decentralization

Enjoy a fluid, hassle-free sale experience - we've taken the best user flows and built it on top of decentralized architecture (even identity verification)

We’re constantly pushing the envelope for DeFi

Here’s what you can expect from Impossible


Safety is paramount in defi. From layered security checks, composable code, and multiple audits and bug bounty programs, we take all possible precautions to earn users’ trust.

Easy Execution

Enjoy high capital efficiency, minimal slippage and low fees with our xybk liquidity pool design to ensure best-in-class pricing to swap anything, anytime.

Low Fees

We make DeFi more accessible and inclusive by prioritizing low fees and gas-efficient smart contracts in our technical architecture design.

Our Vision

Level the playing field
by building a fair, more accessible open financial system for all.


Projects are our users too

Here’s how we want to help projects


With our B2D (business to developers) model, we incubate projects at any stage of development by offering value add not limited to: tokenomics advisory, marketing, auditing

Raise smarter

Launch to engaged, targeted audiences via our whitelisting and launchpad staking mechanisms.


We help projects expand their user bases and widen their product offerings to the multichain world.

We're building the Impossible

Here's what we planned for our roadmap

April 2021

DeFi Swap Stack

The foundation from which all other Impossible products and liquidity will be built upon. The swap, liquidity and staking modules are industry-proven products that align with what we want to do. Users can expect a variety of staking pools and rewards as we continue to improve liquidity.

Q2 2021

Impossible Fundraise

Decentralized fundraise featuring over 125 angels, builders, and value-add investors specializing in a wide range of areas

IF Staking

By leveraging our existing smart contracts and creating the infrastructure for future staking projects, we’re able to deliver multiple use cases for our core governance token.

Onboarding Projects

Stocking up our deal pipeline with top-tier builders, we are working closely with products across DEXes, NFTs, infrastructures, and many more categories.

Q3 2021

First IDO & IDIA Launch

We will launch our first IDO and distribute the Impossible Decentralized Incubator Access (IDIA) token via our Impossible Launchpad. The IDO will feature both a staking component as well as a bonus dutch auction to offer users multiple ways to participate in the launchpad. IDIA will be the crucial asset needed to secure allocation in our upcoming incubated projects’ launches.

Impossible IDOs & Targeted Launches

With targeted token distributions to engaged staking participants and on-chain whitelists, we will be bringing unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency for projects’ fundraising.

2021 to 2022

ssIDOs (Self Sustaining IDOs)

By inviting projects to perform treasury management by staking with us after their IDOs, they will be operating on a "raise once, build forever" model, plugging their funds to earn yields in our swap liquidity ecosystem, providing bilateral synergies to users & projects.

True Interoperability

We realize that interoperability has remained largely a buzzword due to the constantly evolving landscapes, community consensus and tech stack maturity. However, we believe the time for a multichain world is now. The only way to build a more accessible defi future is to be all-inclusive. We look forward to bringing to our users multichain wallets, swaps, liquidity and staking.

IDO Projects

Stay tuned for the upcoming IDO projects.


Here's a few partners that are contributing to the Impossible Ecosystem

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